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How to Remove Vinyl Wallpaper: A Simple Guide

April 02, 20243 min read

Wondering how to remove vinyl wallpaper? It may seem like a daunting task but fear not. Stripping off that old vinyl covering becomes manageable with the right tools and techniques. Whether updating your home's look or preparing for a fresh coat of paint, this step-by-step guide ensures a smooth removal process.

Ready to transform your walls? Let's get started on peeling away the past.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Vinyl Wallpaper

Removing vinyl wallpaper can be simpler than you think. You can reveal your walls' true potential with a few tools and patience. Here's how to tackle the task effectively.

Preparing Your Space

First, prepare your room. Clear the area. Move furniture away from the walls. Lay down drop cloths to catch any residue. This step is crucial for a clean work environment.

The Tools You'll Need

Gather your tools next. You'll need:

     A scoring tool

     A spray bottle or a sponge

     Warm water mixed with a bit of dish soap

     A putty knife

     A ladder for those hard-to-reach places

Scoring the Wallpaper

Start by scoring the wallpaper. This process creates small holes, allowing the water-soap solution to penetrate the vinyl and reach the adhesive beneath. Be gentle. The goal is to penetrate the wallpaper without damaging the wall.

Applying the Solution

Now, apply your water-soap solution. You can use a spray bottle or a sponge. Cover the wallpaper thoroughly. Let it soak for a few minutes. The solution softens the adhesive, making the wallpaper easier to remove.

Peeling Off the Wallpaper


After the soak, start peeling. Begin at a corner or edge. Use your putty knife to lift the wallpaper away from the wall gently. Work slowly. If you encounter resistance, apply more solutions and wait a few more minutes.

The Cleanup

Once the wallpaper is removed, you may notice some adhesive residue. Use your water-soap solution and a putty knife to scrape it off gently. Wipe down the walls with clean water to remove any remaining soap.

Smoothing the Walls

After cleaning, inspect the walls for any damage or unevenness. You may need to spackle small holes or sand rough areas. Ensuring a smooth surface is key for whatever comes next, whether painting or new wallpaper.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few extra tips:

     Patience is key. Rushing can damage your walls.

     Test a small area first. This helps you understand how easily the wallpaper will come off.

     Use a steamer for tough spots. A steamer might be more effective if water and soap aren't enough.


  1. Can I remove vinyl wallpaper without a scoring tool?

     Yes, but scoring helps the solution penetrate faster and more effectively.

  1. What if the wallpaper won't come off?

     Try a wallpaper removal solution or a steamer for stubborn areas.

  1. Can I paint over any leftover adhesive?

     It's best to remove all adhesive for a smooth paint job.

Why Remove Vinyl Wallpaper?

     Refresh your home's look.

     Prepare walls for painting.

     Uncover and repair hidden wall damage.

     Update your decor.

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